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16 July, 2014
Now Available! Ideal for workshops, uility rooms, garages, assembly areas and more.

Uniformity from floor to ceiling in a square. Gotham is pleased to add a square lensed wallwash to the EVO line of luminaries.

Maxlite Introduces Micro-T Lay-In LED Panel for Challenging Interiors
Second Generation LED Omni A-Line Lamps
New Utility Wraps and Vapor Tights Available

A Beautiful Slim New LED Fixture


Linear LED Cable Suspended / Surface Mount

The LP2 SuperSPOT Series is a powerful, tightly focused LED fixture, specifically designed for medium to long thow applications, and to take the place of aging PAR lamp technology. This efficient, 26 watt LED fixture can produce a 6 degree beam with 50,000 CBCP which rivals the most powerful sealed beam technology. Also available with 10, 20 and 32 degree beam spreads for maximum versatility. The LP2 SuperSPOT can be Lumentalk enabled, allowing for ultimate, digital control over a standard LSI track system with game changing data over power technology

New iQ-LED Tape Light

iQLED is Q-Tran's new LED tape light which is avaialble in dry or wet, in 2500K, 2700K and 3000K, 4.4 watts per foot, 24VDC, 21' MAX lengths, 260 lumens per foot and a CRI of over 90. Lower & higher wattage offerings will be available soon as well as other color temperatures, static color and RGB.

Fina - elegant, floating discs of light designed to enhance the contemporary interiors of today's architectural spaces. The curved, low profile houses encases the fully luminous acrylic lens. The 18", 24", 36" and 48" diameter luminaires allow for versatility to match any space requirement. The uniformly illuminated satine, convex and concave lens are available for flush, regress and lowered positions for design flexibility.

- 2700K to 4000K LED packages

- Satine, concave and convex lens options

- Recessed, suspended and surface mount

- Flush, regress and lowered lens positions

- Available in 3 different lens positions

- Create accents with color changing LEDs

Klopfenstein’s Lighting Inc is a growing lighting sales representative in Hawaii. We provide service to the entire State of Hawaii as well as most of the Polynesian chain of islands. We represent over 80 manufacturers of specification grade indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and control systems.
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