Last Update
13 February, 2015

MaxLite releases its second generation of LED Pendant Round HighBay fixtures, engineered with increased efficacy, two distribution options and new dimming capabilities, to meet the challenges of high ceiling lighting applications.

A crisp, bright replacement for 400-watt high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures, the LED luminaires distribute uniform light that enhances safety and productivity in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, including warehouses, large retail centers, gymnasiums, houses of worship and other facilities that require significant mounting heights.

• Engineered for 25-foot and higher ceilings
• Offered in narrow and wide beam distributions
• Delivers up to 16,640 lumens
• DesignLights-Consortium (DLC) qualified models available
• Enclosed power supply housing and covered optics for durability
• Dimmable down to 10 percent on 0-10V systems with two-wire control

MaxLite’s LED Large Adjustable Wall Packs are now offered with a standard surge suppressor.  The new wall packs are identical in every way to the previous generation, but now have the added capability of protecting the fixtures against power surges.


MaxLite's online Utility Rebate Finder has been updated with 2015 rebate information. Check out your local utility programs to see incentive changes and new product additions. Thee are many new opportunities for LED rebates across the industry.


With up to 32,000 lumens, the Lithonia Lighting High Lumen Flood Size 1 (HLF1) replaces up to 400W HID floods. Designed for easy 1-for-1 replacement, these high-power floods will save hundreds of dollars per year.

Lithonia Lighting's got your low-cost warehouse lighting (or gymnasium, or. . .) solution covered with I-BEAM IBH LED. 6 lumen pagkages, 70 & 80 CRI, 4000 & 5000K, with or without lens, and XPoint Wireless control option. This fixture rocks at mounting heights form 10' to 40'

ConTech Lighting is thrilled to announce the arrival of wall wash trims for the RA2LRM 2" recessed downlight series. The Wall Wash housing/trim combination utilizes a unique angled TIR optic mounted to the trim.

to create a smooth, uniform beam distribution. The RA2LRM series downlight offers powerful LED lumen packages in a highly desirable mini housing. With its small size and aperture, and up to 1200 delivered lumens, the RA2LRM is the perfect solution for countless environments.

Two lumen/wattage packages are available: an 11W, 900 delivered lumens model designed for use in insulated ceilings and a 16W, 1200 delivered lumens model for use in non-insulated ceilings. Both are Stopaire® rated and can be used in applications where air-tight housings are required.

Excellent fixture-to-fixture color consistency with a 2-step MacAdam Ellipse tolerance.  
Wall Wash reflector trims are available in several attractive finishes, including clear Alzak®. 

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